Louise Lawler

traced photographs

The person behind the camera is revealed through the perspective they frame. Today I discovered Louise Lawler, a famous artist I had no knowledge of.

Record Shopping

day three

Listening to records and finding one that I'd like requires patience. It's a different sort of shopping than what I'm used to.

Fresh (or not)

day 2

Overcoming the fear of not being someone who eats organic veggies all the time.

The Beginning of a Journey

unlearning one day at a time

I'm starting a 100 day challenge. Somehow, I found the courage to do things I shouldn't.

Polish Pancakes


Do you also have a problem with directions? I do. It shows up in my reluctance to follow recipes.

Laces Untied

feelings that don't last

A little story about the moment I realized embarrassment might have a shelf life.

Dodo Bar Or

Tel Aviv, Israel

A collection of bohemian beachwear incorporates patterns from a symbolic piece of cloth.

An Extreme Sport

x games

One of the most exhilarating activities can be done anywhere. Although it can improve my life, it's something I'm reluctant to do.

Complicitly Complicit

what does it mean

Finding out what it means to be responsible, something I couldn't have understood before.

Change of Direction

wherever the wind blows

Discovering who the most qualified curators are and my new interest in things outside fashion and home.