Cassandra Tavukciyan

Toronto, Canada

Cassandra Tavukciyan is a photographer who happens to make the most incredible ceramics. Not just any ordinary ceramics, but ones that highlight the special qualities of indidual flowers.


Los Angeles, CA

What does it mean to be open to all walks of life? Finding inspiration from women I don't usually find style inspiration from.


Boston, Massachusetts

A studio known for handmade leather and clothing is now one of my favorite destinations for indie fashion.


Vilnius, Lithuania

An expected place that combines modern design with the use of traditional linen.

Blue and White


I wonder if pretty travel destinations are actually worth visiting. 'A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.' ― Lao Tzu


weekend at home

A summary of my weekend. Drawing an imaginary scene, online activities and making comfort food.


Berlin, Germany

Earth day thoughts and a curious blog by a contemporary artist.

Ángela Palacios

Barcelona, Spain

A purchase that 'got away'. Natural imagery collected by an artist is bound into a pretty book.

Ayzit Bostan 16

München, Germany

Refined tomboy: fashion that reveals confidence through less perfect details. Satin and velvet bomber jackets and sweatswuits.

People I've Loved

Oakland, California

Send something real. A print workshop connects people by approaching topics in life in an honest way.