day five

My strong desire to be heard overcame me, momentarily. I caught myself in a heated discussion.

If Not You Then Who

day four

I somehow came to be thankful for my problems. A perspective that was strangely invoked.

Louise Lawler

traced photographs

The person behind the camera is revealed through the perspective they frame. Today I discovered Louise Lawler, a famous artist I had no knowledge of.

Record Shopping

day three

Listening to records and finding one that I'd like requires patience. It's a different sort of shopping than what I'm used to.

Fresh (or not)

day 2

Overcoming the fear of not being someone who eats organic veggies all the time.

The Beginning of a Journey

unlearning one day at a time

I'm starting a 100 day challenge. Somehow, I found the courage to do things I shouldn't.

Polish Pancakes


Do you also have a problem with directions? I do. It shows up in my reluctance to follow recipes.

Laces Untied

feelings that don't last

A little story about the moment I realized embarrassment might have a shelf life.

Dodo Bar Or

Tel Aviv, Israel

A collection of bohemian beachwear incorporates patterns from a symbolic piece of cloth.

An Extreme Sport

x games

One of the most exhilarating activities can be done anywhere. Although it can improve my life, it's something I'm reluctant to do.