Low Classic

Seoul, Korea

Self proclaimed as the 'Seoul' of Seoul, an eclectic fashion label designs and styles in interesting ways, even accessorizing with the famous blue Ikea bag.

Spring Outfit

wishing for warmer weather

Like reading tea leaves, I interpret the meanings behind my attraction towards particular items. A selection of fashion objects are picked for spring.

Vintage, Palms and Hats


Hats are not the only things created by Lack of Color, a Brisbane, Australia based hat label. A sun washed, shabby chic world comes alive through the envisioned life the designers' had for their creations.

Outside the Norm

weekly favorites

The most remarkable discoveries are always far from normal. This week, I found an eclectic mix of patterns from a variety of sources.

The Flower Market with Sarah Blais

London, UK

Flowers are eye catching and attractive. Do they deserve the attention? Scenes from the Columbia Road Flower Market are captured from a different perspective, one that emphasizes commerce in plastic and steel forms.

Sashes, Cinches & Tearaways

London, UK

Unexpected elements, from abnormal cinching to large buttons, show up in a spring collection of womenswear. Designer Gayeon Lee creates feminine pieces with an original twist.

A Coastal Village, 1968

Gargano, Italy

Whether it's chillin' with neighbors or hanging outside a barber shop, locals of a small village show how living well doesn't require much. Photographer Giuliano Domizio Regis reveals life in 1968 in rural Southeastern Italy.

Doing Nothing

tv addicts anonymous

An unexpected activity develops from being overloaded by tv and podcasts. With so much to see and hear, tuning out becomes an official pastime.

It Happens to be Animal-Free

Los Angeles, CA

'I try to be as minimal as possible and without a lot of embellishment.' Minimalism with a futuristic twist, Sydney Brown's original footwear happens to be consciously produced.

Escapist Naturescapes

Tel Aviv Jaffa, Isreal

The serenity of the natural world is captured and celebrated in a line of 'Made to Travel' bags. Designer Lee Coren shares a few stories from hikes in the desert and visits to the sea.