Making a classic American dish in Europe. Although the dish was originally from Italy.

Cherry Picking


Exploring a home garden and claiming rights to an expensive fruit.

Venice Corner


A cute restaurant I found in a photo that was focused on something else.

Moving Fast

day twenty two

I catch myself wanting the perception of going somewhere over actually going anywhere.


day twenty one

I find out more about the costs of doing something I 'should' do.

Saturday YouTube


Times are changing and now there's plenty of interesting shows on YouTube.

Wanting to be Liked

day twenty

I have a negative response towards people who desperately want me to like them. I feel as if they 'should' behave differently. But why?

Pizza Making


Making pizza from scratch.


day nineteen

There are benefits to taking a prescribed route: comfort in knowing the possibilities that may happen and some sort of direction. I'm starting to realize most of my fears lay in not knowing.


day eighteen

Making today the scapegoat for why I feel groggy and unfocused.

Endowed Delusion

day seventeen

There are some activities that provide a disproportionate amount of satisfaction.